Mad Rabbit 8-in-1 Coil Wheel - Stainless Steel

Mad Rabbit 8-in-1 Coil Wheel - Stainless Steel

The Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Coil Wheel is an excellent collection of coils for quick and easy use without building your own or just when you fancy trying something a little different.

Each box contains 8 different types of coils with six of each coil supplied in the following:

  • 4x Staggered Coil - Resistance: 0.3ohm
  • 4x Super Clapton coils - Resistance: 0.7ohm
  • 4x Clapton coils - Resistance: 0.32ohm
  • 4x Tiger coils - Resistance: 0.26ohm
  • 4x Quad coils - Resistance: 0.2ohm
  • 4x Fused Clapton coils - Resistance: 0.3ohm
  • 4x Alien Clapton coils - Resistance: 0.28ohm
  • 4x Hive coils - Resistance: 0.55ohm


*Note: These are not beginners coils and are meant for sub-ohm usage. Ensure your battery and equipment can handle sub-ohm operation. Improper use can lead to injury. Always understand Ohms law and the limitations of your equipment and battery and vape safely.

Brand:  Mad Rabbit



Our Price:  £7.95