Pickle (Ltd Ed) - Battery Wrap by ODB

Pickle (Ltd Ed) - Battery Wrap by ODB

Torn battery wraps on 18650’s not only look messy, they can also be incredibly unsafe.

Some fix it with electrical tape, others toss them in the bin. Why not do something a little more stylish?

Save those batteries, or give your current batteries a makeover with ODB Wraps Pickle Limited Edition wraps.

Each Packet contains a set of 4 x 18650 wraps


Product Information

Shrinkage ratio:48%
Flat diameter:29.5mm(before shrinkage)
Shrink diameter:approx.18.5mm
Wall thickness:0.1mm (before shrinkage)
For Li-ion 18650 18500 Battery
High quality
Durable design



  • We highly recommend that you use a hairdryer when applying the new wrap. The old wrap MUST be removed first! Also, don’t lose the top plastic ring of your battery, it comes off with the old wrap.
  • Damaged batteries can be dangerous, nicks and tears in the sleeves can cause direct shorts  lead to battery venting and even fires. This solution is not only cheap its effective and very easy to apply.


Manufacturer:  ODB



Our Price:  £3.95

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