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How old do I have to be to buy from Vape Explorer?

By Law you must be over 18 to purchase or use any items from Vape Explorer. By purchasing from Vape Explorer you agree to our Terms and Conditions which can be found HERE

What is your shipping and returns policy?

Please see our separate Shipping and Returns page HERE

Can I place a special order?

We are always happy to discuss special orders, be they larger bottles if available, certain numbers of bottles (discounts available on larger orders). Almost anything you want, we are happy to scour the world to do what we can to accommodate your request.

Please remember when placing a special order, any other liquids or products ordered at the same time will be held for despatch until your special order item is in stock, all items will then be shipped together.


Please Contact Us to discuss your request.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us with juice suggestions, comments, request or anything else by visiting our contact page HERE.

Why do you warn not to use plastic tanks?

Because the flavourings used in some liquids have been known to crack, or shatter, some plastic tanks. They are safe to consume, certain plastics just don't react well with them.

It is for this reason and for the safety of our users we recommend that plastic tanks are not used. You are free to use them if that is your preferred vaping method and not all liquids will cause problems, but we’d rather everyone vaped safely.

I don’t understand the PG/VG numbers?

PG and VG are the liquids that are used in e-liquids, the ration of their use decides things such as flavour, cloud, throat hit etc. For a much more detailed explanation please visit our PG/VG guide.

I can’t decide what I want?

It’s like being a kid in a cake shop sometimes isn’t it?

Should you go for the sparkly fruity one?

Does that chocolatey gooey one suit me?

Decisions, decisions!

We here at Vape Explorer are more than happy to make suggestions and recommendations to help you find the flavour that will suit you (although we all end up with a nice collection in the end as there is just so much fun in switching between favourites).

You can Contact Us and tell us the sorts of flavours you like and dislike and one of our tasting team will get back to you as soon as they can with some suggestions and recommendations.

Or drop us a line through Facebook.

I’ve tried a liquid and it was amazing but you don’t stock it?

We are always searching for new liquids and new suppliers. If you’ve found one we don’t stock and you think it has the flavour and quality that the rest of the vaping community would enjoy, Contact Us and we can put it through our tasting procedure.

We are a company that produce liquids and would like you to stock them.

We are always excited to talk to new suppliers. If you are happy for us to sample your liquids before we stock them then please feel free to Contact Us, we’d love to hear from you. Pleased note we will only stock products produced in ISO certified labs we will not stock homebrew liquids.